Nissan Unveils Self-Titled World’s Cleanest Car

When it comes to producing some of the cleanest cars in the world, Nissan knows what it is doing. It recently revealed what it calls the self-titled World’s Cleanest Car. Yes, it is a zero-emissions Nissan LEAF, but there’s something a bit different about this one.

Nissan has painted this LEAF with a special superhydrophobic and oleophobic paint that repels both water and oil. Now, not only will the LEAF not release any harmful emissions into the air, but its body will stay clean as well, dubbing it the World’s Cleanest Car.

The “self-cleaning” paint is called Ultra-Ever Dry and actually creates a thin layer of air between the paint and the environment, which is how it prevents water and oils from sticking to the surface.

“The 100 percent electric LEAF provides the perfect canvas for this new, advanced paint technology,” said Pierre Loing, vice president, Product Planning, Nissan North America, Inc, in a statement. “This is one LEAF that never has to stop at gas stations—not even for a car wash.”

Check out the dirt-repelling paint in action:

While Nissan has no plans to add the special paint to production vehicles, it is seriously considering it as an after-market option for dealerships, such as Gladstone Nissan.

Would you add this option to your new Nissan if it were available today?

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Nissan Aggressively Adding CHAdeMO Stations around U.S.

To go along with the growing pace of Nissan LEAF sales, Nissan has been making good on its vow to triple the number of fast-charging CHAdeMO stations around the United States by mid-2014.

The CHAdeMO stations, which can charge a LEAF to 80 percent capacity in only half an hour, only totaled at 160 back in January 2013. Since then, that number has jumped to 633 thanks to Nissan’s aggressive efforts to add stations for everyone to use, with Atlanta, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Dallas emerging as the most prevalent U.S. markets.

CHAdeMO Stations - Nissan LEAF Charging

Thanks to CHAdeMO stations across the U.S., home won’t be the only place you can charge your Nissan LEAF.

180 of these are at Nissan dealerships, and that number should continue to rise just as aggressively through next March. The automaker is also getting help from companies such as NRG, which is adding fast-charging stations throughout the country through its eVgo program.

The other upside is that CHAdeMO stations aren’t limited to charging the Nissan LEAF. Owners of other EVs such as the Kia Soul or Mitsubishi i can also benefit from Nissan’s efforts to bring EV technology to everyone.

Learn more about the Nissan LEAF and the future of CHAdeMO stations at Gladstone Nissan!

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Nissan Small Car Sales Lead to June Sales Record

We’ve just passed the midpoint of the year, and it’s been a great first half for Nissan in America. Nissan closed its first half of 2014 sales with a windmill slam dunk in June, as impressive Nissan small car sales led it to a record-setting June. Nissan Group sold a total of 109,643 vehicles in June in the U.S., the best June in the company’s history, as well as a 5.3% increase over last year.

The Altima, Sentra, and Versa—basically, Nissan’s entire line of passenger cars—posted very strong June numbers individually. The Versa set a June record, too, moving 11,613 units, which was good for a 33.4% increase over last year’s sales. The Sentra saw an even more dramatic jump—up 67.6% for the month. However, strong as they were, passenger cars weren’t the whole story for June. It wasn’t just Nissan small car sales that increased for the brand, but vehicles across the brand’s lineup, from the all-electric Leaf to the Rogue SUV, got in on the sales fun too.

While a few other mainstream automakers saw a downturn in sales in June, Nissan exploded for a record-breaking performance. Each and every Nissan sale adds further proof to our claim that, here at Gladstone Nissan, we carry the most valuable, reliable, excellent vehicles on the market in our inventory. Come see us to find the perfect Nissan for you!

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2014 Nissan Altima a Valuable Midsize Sedan

The 2014 Nissan Altima faces some stiff competition in the midsize sedan segment right now. After all, with fuel efficiency driving much of the new car marketplace, small but capable vehicles are at a premium today. The Altima, therefore, sometimes gets overlooked by new car customers clamoring after established nameplates like the Toyota Camry.

2014 Nissan Altima

With its amenities and style, the 2014 Nissan Altima definitely holds it own against competition.

Overlooking the Nissan Altima is definitely a mistake, though. It’s got more than enough power—the base model runs on a 2.5L four-cylinder engine that churns out 182 horsepower, and you can even upgrade to a 3.5L V6 engine for added performance. The base model gets 38 mpg on the highway and even the beefier engine still gets 25 mpg combined.

No matter what engine you select, it’ll come paired to a continuously variable transmission (CVT) for the smoothest driving experience possible. The Altima isn’t just a small fish in the midsize sedan pond; it’s a full-fledged competitor in one of the toughest segments around. It didn’t earn an “A” rating from for nothing—so come in to Gladstone Nissan today to check out the roomy, capable, valuable Altima today.

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NissanConnect Receives Industry Newcomer Award

In an age where everyone is connected constantly, it can be important to have a telematics system in a car that provides consumers with everything they need without being distracting.  Since its introduction last year, NissanConnect with Mobile Apps has been recognized as being one of the best telematic systems in the industry, a fact that Telematics Detroit has cemented by naming this system the 2013/2014 Industry Newcomer Award winner.


NissanConnect offers the driver and passengers so many options.

As Nissan’s global connected services platform, NissanConnect offers a variety of safety, infotainment, and remote vehicle services to help provide a better ownership experience. This connective system is currently featured in Nissan vehicles like the Altima, Rogue, Sentra, NV200, Versa Note, and Versa Sedan, making it easy for consumers to use hands-free technology and their personal mobile devices to stay safely in touch with the outside world.

NissanConnect edged out eight fellow finalists to receive the award, gaining about 24% of the ballots cast for Industry Newcomer.

To see the NissanConnect telematics system in action, stop by Gladstone Nissan today!

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Nissan Plug-In Hybrid Could Arrive in Less Than 2 Years

Nissan’s stance on plug-in hybrids seems to have done a 180—and a welcome one, at that. At January’s Detroit Auto Show, former senior vice president for R&D Carla Bailo had said that plug-in hybrids weren’t on the agenda, but now company executive Andy Palmer is telling Green Car Reports that the Nissan plug-in hybrid is back on the table—and possibly as soon as late 2015.

Nissan has obviously had never issues with electrification: the LEAF has just experienced its best-ever month with a 46 percent surge in sales and the Altima Hybrid continues to attract more and more customers. Nissan is also pursuing research into diesel, flex-fuel, and hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles.

We’re not sure what they ever held against plug-in hybrids and why the change of heart, but perhaps none of that matters. Palmer stated that battery-electric vehicles are best-suited for cars 3,850 pounds and lighter, which would suggest either a mid-sized sedan or a crossover vehicle—perhaps with a gas engine paired with the LEAF’s 108-horsepower electric motor.

Whatever Nissan ends up deciding to build, we hope it won’t be too long before it hits the Gladstone Nissan dealership so that you can get behind the wheel of a brand new Nissan plug-in hybrid.

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Nissan GT-R Claims All Three Podium Steps at Autopolis

Nissan GT-R Claims All Three Podium Steps at AutopolisIt’s not every day a team can lay claim to every spot on the podium at a major race event. In fact, this is the first time the Nissan GT-R pulls it off since 1995. Congratulations Nissan!

Nissan had looked like the strongest contenders for an Autopolis victory on qualifying day when the #23 GT-R and the #46 GT-R had taken pole position and second place on the grid, respectively, but no one could have guessed they would keep these positions all throughout the race and also be joined by the #12 GT-R, which had started in fourth.

The race to the checkered flag was never quite in the hands of any car but the GT-R. The #23 managed to create a monstrous gap with the rest of the competition during the beginning of the race, but the #46 caught up later to offer a challenge. They even made light contact on one occasion, but sustained only light damage and stuck to their positions.

Unfortunately, a late safety car pulled everyone right back together, ruining the lead they had gained and putting them at risk of getting overtaken. Nevertheless, they resumed the race just as quickly as they had been going along and secured the top two spots on the podium together.

Meanwhile, the #12 GT-R had gotten in third position and managed to hold off a Lexus RC F despite some late technical issues. Not bad!

For more Nissan racing news, stay tuned to Gladstone Nissan!

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Nissan New Car Sales Look to Top the List for May

May has been a month for redemption for auto dealers that saw decreases in the colder months we witnessed this year, and who do you think is vying for a top spot? Nissan. That’s right, Nissan new car sales are looking to take the lead for May sales, trying to beat out tough competition like Chrysler who isn’t going down without a fight.

Kelley Blue Book recently released great information regarding the growth of new car sales in the market, and had some good insight into Nissan’s sales.

Nissan New Car Sales

The Nissan JUKE helps to propel Nissan’s sales for May.

“Nissan is anticipating another prosperous month with a 13.6 percent year-over-year gain,” said. “Both Nissan’s Rogue and Juke are benefiting from increasing popularity in small crossover vehicles, with their combined sales up 47 percent this year.”

Nissan new car sales, combined with other automaker’s new car sales for May, are setting the pace for the best May since 2007, and the recession we faced. This means so much for the company, the industry, and the people as a whole.

If you were part of Nissan new car sales’ amazing numbers this month please let us know what vehicle you purchased and how you are liking it! If you want to help with our future increasing new car sales then come see us at Gladstone Nissan where we carry an extensive amount of new cars including the Rogue and Juke!

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Third Generation Murano Gets Standard-Raising Design

We are entering into the third generation Murano with the design of the 2015 model, and Nissan is proud to announce will raise a standard for SUVs across the market. With a new aerodynamic design along with impeccable style, this Nissan Murano is looking to score big on the charts.

So what standard is the third generation Murano raising? Vehicles’ coefficient of drag, that’s what! Yeah, doesn’t sound as great when we put it like that, but it is super cool!

The coefficient of drag for vehicles is a statistic that shows how aerodynamic vehicles can be. As we know, drag can cause a vehicle to move slower on the road because of wind resistance. Well, the designers of the new Murano wanted to lower the drag. Going through three times the normal amount of wind tunnel testing, the design was fixed to have a 0.31 coefficient of drag, which is equivalent to many sports cars.

Check it out:

As you can see, the new design is simply gorgeous as well. It flows like Rapunzel’s long hair, and portrays a unique, stylish appeal that is going to be hard to resist. In the design elements from other models, like the 370Z, were taken and manipulated to fit the third generation Murano’s fashion.

As of right now the new Murano is not available here at Gladstone Nissan, but you can bet that as soon as we get them they will be hard to keep in stock. So make sure you come check one out as soon as possible and drive away with a crossover that flows like a sports car.

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Make the Most of Your Test Drive

Make the Most of Your Test Drive

There are many things to keep in mind to make the most of your test drive.

Car shoppers can know every last detail about a car based on their online research. They can be 100 percent confident this is the car for them, but once they get behind the wheel, it may be a different story. Of course, doing your online research is important, but test-driving your dream car is equally necessary.

Here’s a checklist of questions to ask yourself or your salesperson before you take the plunge.

  • Is it easy to get in and out of the car without ducking or hitting your head?
  • Is there enough head, hip, and legroom? What about the backseat?
  • Is the driving position comfortable?
  • Do you sit too low or high in the car?
  • Can you tilt or telescope the steering wheel for a better fit?
  • Is the seat comfortable?
  • Is it easy to adjust?
  • Is there a lumbar support adjustment?
  • Are the gauges and controls easy to read and use?
  • How is outward visibility? Is the blind spot manageable?
  • Do you reach the pedals comfortably?
  • Does the car upshift and downshift quickly and smoothly?
  • Is the car noisy when you accelerate?
  • Does braking feel smooth, or do the brakes “grab” suddenly?
  • Does the car’s steering and handling responsive and smooth?
  • Does the car ride comfortably on a rough road?
  • Are the seats comfortable?
  • Are all of the features and conveniences you want included?
  • What are your “must have’s” vs “wants”?
  • Is there enough cargo space, and is it easy to load and unload?
  • Install child seats or other gear you plan to use in the car to make sure it fits and works.

When you test drive a car, be sure to drive it on any kind of terrain that your normal commute involves. Mountain roads? Steep hills? You might be surprised how different cars handle roads differently. Anything you notice as a small annoyance on the test drive could become a major pain over time, so take your time, never feel rushed, and picture your life in that car one, five, and ten years from now. You’ll be glad you did!

Stop by Gladstone Nissan today to test drive your dream car. Don’t forget this list!

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