Nissan Sponsors National Drive Electric Week

national drive electric week

Nissan sponsors National Drive Electric Week (Sept. 15-21) and celebrates selling 60,000 LEAFs.

It must be nice to make a product so innovative and beneficial that your customers will do your marketing for you. Just ask Nissan!

“LEAF owners have become our most effective marketers. Their enthusiasm for their LEAF and its benefits drives family, friends and co-workers to consider and purchase one for themselves,” says the director of Electric Vehicle marketing at Nissan, Toby Perry. Since that’s the case, Nissan has got a lot of help: They have sold 60,000 LEAFs (LEAVES?) so far.

To give customers ample time to do their marketing, Nissan recently sponsored the National Drive Electric Week. Last year, there were 100 local events held all over the country, with 35,000 people attending. These events are a way for people to “spread the word about the benefits of driving electric,” according to Perry.

We at Gladstone Nissan encourage you to pay us a visit and check out all the fun and eco-friendly Nissan models we have in stock!

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Nissan LEAF Creates Mural of the London Skyline on Filthy Wall

Mural of the London skylineWith the help of the Nissan LEAF, British artist and activist Moose created a mural of the London skyline in… dirt? That’s right. Using a jet washer powered by Nissan’s electric vehicle, the artist was able to clean the wall of a London subway station, creating a picture out of the dirt and grime in a technique called “reverse graffiti.”

Nissan is the first automaker to power the innovative art form, making a strong statement about the importance the company places on positively impacting our world.

“This piece of art is a striking call to action that air quality is one of the biggest issues facing the citizens and visitors of Europe’s largest cities today,” said Jean-Pierre Diernaz, Electric Vehicle director for Nissan Europe.

“It is a reminder that electric vehicles don’t have an exhaust to emit the kind of air pollution which has stained the wall Moose has created his piece on. Working with Moose to highlight the effect of air quality on our cities through a piece of art powered by the Nissan LEAF is an exciting and powerful way of reminding people about the benefits of zero emission vehicles.”

If you’ll be traveling to London anytime soon, you can check out the mural in person at the Station’s Approach subway in Waterloo. If not, you can always stop by Gladstone Nissan to purchase your own LEAF, and leave driving away with a clean conscience.

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Nissan and FIA Partner for Global Road Safety

Safety. That is one word that we constantly hear when talking about cars, driving, and pedestrians. It is important to have a vehicle that will keep you safe inside it, safe when driving, and safe around other vehicles and people. Nissan and FIA, the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile have announced a partnership in order to help maintain this safety that we all strive for.

The Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) is an organization that is already supporting increased safety as a part of the United Nations Decade of Action for Road Safety. It helps to develop technologies that can be used in vehicles to update and upgrade their safety features. In partnership with Nissan, they will be able to add these technologies to Nissan models including the Rogue, Sentra, and Altima.

Nissan and FIA are very excited to be working together to achieve the goal of safer roads around the world. “We are pleased to work with the FIA and its global network to promote safer driving on roads around the world,” said Roel de Vries, Nissan corporate vice president responsible for Marketing and Brand Strategy. “Safety involves drivers, pedestrians and the community, and our working with the FIA will go a long way toward raising awareness and provide safer roads for everyone.

At Gladstone Nissan we too want to help make a difference in road safety. Did you know there are 1.3 million vehicle-related fatalities each year across the globe? If you want to help to combat this, then come see us to get behind the wheel of one of our award-winning Nissan models.

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New Nissan Pulsar Hatchback Will Keep You Safe and Sound

The new Nissan Pulsar hatchback is not short on fuel efficiency or top of the line safety features. This little car is also surprisingly roomy, providing plenty of legroom to both front and back row passengers.

Gizmag reports that the car’s Active Trace Control system provides better handling, while the Nissan Safety Shield offers drivers an array of safety features, including blind spot warning, lane departure warning and automatic emergency braking. The Safety Shield also includes a camera that is self-cleaning, providing clear visibility and accurate readings.

For those of us who are not parallel parking gurus, there are multiple optional cameras on the exterior that provide a full 360-degree view of the car’s surroundings. The cameras are located on the front and rear bumpers, and on the side mirrors.

We are still waiting to find out when the hatch will reach the U.S market, so keep checking back to find out when this vehicle might be available for a test drive here at Gladstone Nissan.

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Every month, releases its list of the 10 Best New Car Deals of the Month. For September, the list included the 2014 Nissan LEAF with a “fair purchase price” of $26,246.’s “fair purchase price” is based on what actual customers pay after incentives and financing or lease deals.

LEAF is a great deal

The 2014 Nissan LEAF is a great deal and proves it by putting it on their 10 Best New Car Deals of the Month list.

“September’s list of standout lease and financing deals is especially wide-ranging, including luxury cars, an all-electric, and a high-strung hatchback, in addition to bread-and-butter options like midsize sedans, pickups and SUVs, making this a great time for new-car shoppers to snag a great deal,” said Jack R. Nerad, executive editorial director and executive market analyst for Kelley Blue Book’s, in a statement. says the LEAF is a great deal when you get a 36-month lease with $1,999 due at signing. This would include a monthly payment of only $199. And making the LEAF even sweeter is the fact that you will be saving tons of money by not buying gas.

Want to score a great deal on your own 2014 Nissan LEAF? Head over to Gladstone Nissan and we won’t let you down.

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New Maxima Redefines Nissan Design Philosophy

Nissan is looking for a change, and it looks like they found it with the new 2015 Maxima. After introducing a Sports Sedan concept at the Detroit Motors Show and the New York Auto Show, the Japanese carmaker has recently announced that the new Maxima will completely change the Nissan design philosophy. With a brand new shape and design features, this Maxima model is sure to turn the sedan segment on its head.

Nissan Sports Sedan concept | Nissan Design Philosophy

The Nissan Sports Sedan Concepts at the Detroit Motors Show last year.

The new Sport Sedan design is nothing less than dynamic, featuring a V-shaped chrome bar over the grille and boomerang shaped headlights. Sharp lines draw the eye to the rear of the car, where LED tail lights have a similar shape as the headlights. This futuristic design also offers some futuristic technology, giving consumers keyless entry, a leather interior, and a top-notch infotainment system that will keep everyone engaged, whether during a long commute or a road trip.

Powering the 2015 Maxima is a 3.5-liter V6 engine that is equipped to generate 300 horsepower. With this beautiful new design influencing the Maxima’s newest model, Nissan is sure to make an impact on the car industry. For more information on this newest Nissan model, stop in to Gladstone Nissan today!

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Nissan Electric Vehicles Bolstering Orange Fleet in France

The Renault-Nissan alliance has been a lucrative and beneficial one for everyone involved—and that includes more than just the two brands themselves. Take Orange, the telecommunications giant in France, for example. They’ll be using over 200 Renault and Nissan electric vehicles in their fleet, especially for car sharing purposes. These EVs will help Orange save money on gas while still providing excellent and innovative vehicles to their employees.

Orange | Nissan Electric Vehicles“Thanks to the partnership between Renault and Nissan, the Alliance is able to provide Orange with the widest range of electric vehicles to meet its needs – from subcompact passenger cars to light-commercial vehicles,” said Christian Mardrus, Alliance Executive Vice President for Renault-Nissan B.V. and the Alliance CEO Office. “More Orange employees will soon be able to enjoy the many benefits of electric mobility: zero noise, smooth handling and acceleration, and zero tailpipe emissions. And the vehicles can be fully recharged with renewable energy at night, so they can be 100% charged every morning.”

The Orange fleet will include a couple Renault vehicles as well as the Nissan Leaf and Nissan e-NV200. You don’t need a flight to France to check these vehicles out, though; simply come see us at Gladstone Nissan today to check them out for yourself.

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Slightly Increased Price of Frontier, Xterra Means More Luxury

When a new model comes on the market, the price of the vehicle often increases from the previous model, usually due to the increase in quality and features. For the 2015 Frontier pickup truck and 2015 Xterra, the slight price increase allows Nissan to offer not only superior craftsmanship but also great consumer-oriented features.

2015 Nissan Frontier | Price Increase

The 2015 Nissan Frontier will see a slight price increase, however it’s for good reason! The Frontier will now have a list of more features.

The 2015 Frontier pickup has been mostly unchanged for this new model year, but Nissan has increased the price on the second tier model—the S King Cab with automatic transmission— by a mere $150, making the total price $21,520. With this slightly increased price tag, Frontier owners will receive great features like a powerful 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine, 12-volt power outlets, and a plethora of storage. The base model Frontier has kept the same price.

For the 2015 model year, the Xterra has also seen a price increase of $270, making the final pricing for the base level $24,520, while the top trim level has increased $1,320 to $32,500. These increases are due to new features, such as NissanConnectSM with Mobile Apps, a 5.0-inch color audio display, USB port, Bluetooth, and Sirius XM Satellite Radio.

The 2015 Frontier and Xterra are on sale now, so stop in to Gladstone Nissan today and give these durable, athletic cars a test drive!

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Which Month Is Best For Buying A New Car?

Buying A New CarIf you thought December was the best month to buy a new car, you’re not alone, as that’s commonly accepted as the best time for dealerships to clear out inventory. Turns out, that’s a myth, and new data suggests there are other, better months for purchasing your new car.

So, which month is best for buying a new car?

According to a new study by TrueCar, new car and truck prices in August have averaged $29,296 over the last five years. That’s at least $169 lower than any other month of the year, making August the best month to buy. The average price of a new car or truck in December is $31,146, actually making it the most expensive month to buy a new car (ouch).

“This is a great example of the power of data, which shows dealers are clearing out older inventory in August,” said TrueCar founder and CEO Scott Painter in an article. “Consumer buying trends have been turned upside down during the past decade due to the emergence of big data.”

Many consumers used to assume that December would be the best month to buy a car as a result of dealerships pushing to meet end-of-year goals and make room for next year’s models – thus causing them to place big incentives on inventory. This kind of data proves that assumption might cost you, and dealers are actually offering their biggest incentives in the summer months (July came in as the second cheapest month to buy a car).

TrueCar also offers some other guidance; shop on Sundays for a car, not Fridays, and shopping within the first couple of days saves buyers an average of $390 versus the rest of a given month. Who knew?

Now that we’ve offered proof, there has never been a better time to buy – really. Come on over to Gladstone Nissan today to get the best possible deal on your new car.

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Which Gas Should You Use to Fuel Your Vehicle?

fuel your vehicle

Not sure what to fuel your vehicle with? Don’t worry! Gladstone Nissan has your guide to success, here.

If you’ve ever filled your car with premium gas only to find that you could have saved about 30 cents per gallon on regular, you are not alone. Yeah, not a good day. Let us at Gladstone Nissan assist you with our helpful hints on determining which gas should fuel your vehicle. The simplest answer is to only use premium gas if your vehicle requires it. If the owner’s manual lists regular (87 octane) gas as the ideal fueling solution, then enjoy! Filling up with a higher-grade fuel will not increase your engine’s performance or the vehicle’s fuel economy. If, on the other hand, your manual states the car requires premium fuel, you should buy the premium. In this case, regular or mid-grade fuel could be harmful to your car and will likely decrease its mileage, which will put you back at the gas station more often than you want to be there. If the manual gives you an ambiguous statement of suggestion by only recommending premium fuel, then you get to choose. Premium fuel will likely provide the best performance and the most efficient fuel economy, but regular or mid-grade could also work well. The best way to decide is to test each fuel grade: fill your tank with one, reset your car’s trip odometer, and calculate how many miles your car is able to travel on a single tank. Stick with whichever fuel takes you the farthest. Any other questions about which fuel to use in your vehicle? Contact us here at Gladstone Nissan; we’re happy to help!

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